Leigh Celent believes in taking a holistic approach to most things in life, including her photography.  With varied artistic and intellectual interests, she strives to synthesize the knowledge she has gained thus far in all aspects of life into her ever evolving photographic creativity.    Her approach to photography incorporates elements of the quotidian, while delving deep into the exploration of perspective, color and composition. Using light and shadow to convey mood, finding a new perspective for ordinary objects, presenting an edge otherwise missing - all of her techniques lead to a new way to see, to convey, to absorb, while expressing an inherent emotion or two along the way. 

Leigh Celent will capture the moment you want to remember, and perhaps even the moment you never even thought could possibly move you. Whether you need a photographer to capture key moments from your next event / performance / production or to craft a certain look for your next portrait / headshot / promo, or whether you desire new artwork for your website / home / office, Leigh’s versatility within her specificity is your answer. If it’s important to you, it’s important to her. For more information, including rates, please contact her at celentphotography@gmail.com or through the Contact link above.

- “Our vision is constantly bombarded with images; our artistic sensibility determines how we capture the moment.”